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Fabulosa Wax Melt Collection Boxes

Fabulosa Wax Melt Collection Boxes

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Fabulosa Collection Box 1 Contains:

Pornstar Mar-Clean-I - A Cheeky cocktail blend bursting with a mix of juicy mouth watering tropical fruits and a hint of sweetness

Llamazing - A citrus, fruity, floral fragrance with mouth watering notes of zesty lemon & lime, watery melon, raspberry, peach, strawberry, jasmine & heliotrope

Radiance - A bright fragrance that blends fruit and floral notes on a creamy powdery base with a hint of sweetness

Raspvilla - A fruity floral fragrance blending raspberry & pear with a hint of floral notes on a sweet creamy base

Fizzy Sour Apples - A fizzy sweet, mouth watering fragrance. Juicy apple blends with effervescent fizzy notes

Spritz & Giggles - A vibrant fruity fragrance with top notes of apple, plum & red berries and a touch of fizz on a warm base

Banana Lama - A fruity, floral fragrance with top notes of banana and sweet orange blended with jasmine and violet on a base of blonde woods

Bubblegum Cola - A fruity and sweet fragrance that blends juicy bubblegum and fizzy cola


Fabulosa Collection Box 2 Contains:

So Mojito - A fresh fruity fragrance, minty top notes with citrus lemonade blend with jasmine and violet on a woody base of amber and musk

Electrify - A Sweet floral fragrance wrapped in musk and soft woods.

Mango Punch - A zesty tropical fragrance bursting with notes of juicy mango, peach, ripe raspberry and apple followed by hints of jasmine & rose.

Extradoniary - An invigorating oriental fragrance blending fruits, florals and deep woods

Unicorn Dust - A clean powdery fragrance with a hint of sweetness

Mermagic - A mermagical fragrance with top notes of juicy fruits on a warm sweet base

Mixed Berries - A mouth watering juicy fragrance with notes of mixed berries

Pixie Dust - A deep powdery floral fragrance

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